Saturday, 1 June 2013

A rant, supposedly.

Little things I've been thinking about

 I've been staring at this blank screen for the last ten minutes(cliched start? Might as well brag about a writer's block. But then I'm hardly a writer. Sob). Its about time i got back to writing some prose don't you think? I talked to an old friend yesterday, she told me I should write a story. Simple enough for her to want to read it, she said. Now that got me a little disappointed, do I write jargon? I like simple. Big words intimidate little me(Which is not very good since I intend to take up the Gre). I believe, strongly(and I practice what I preach), that writing is much more a play of pretty words, than looking up the biggest words you can find and jumble them to form a pseudo-intellectual mash-up.
     No, I am not saying, not one bit, that for a writer, a vocabulary of four lettered words is acceptable. Just no. Sellout literature is gross. I cant cite enough instances of this. I'm not a voracious reader (again, unacceptable for a writer), but the things that pass off for bestsellers these days. Oh dear. 'Text' language, in full fledged 'novels'. i was at the local bookstore the other day, and flicked through the 'bestsellers'. Let me pretend to be a critic here, let me draw up a basic story line.
    So there's this mediocre 'young turk', as my dad likes to call them, either he's proud to be a loser or he's got no clue of it. First few pages, pathetic attempts at humor, film-based parents and old fashioned grandparents. Then the girl shows up. A description of how hot she is(these books are crawling with beautiful, make up bereft, idealistic, smart girls). The rest you can skip, the guy falls for her over some stolen lame line she utters in coy glory, love making scenes that try too hard(whatever happened to subtleness?), some corny sequences here and there that are supposed to incorporate strong morals in young people . Or we've got female authors writing from a girl's pov, the girl is invariably stunning but is so unassuming that she never admits it. Stories reeking of shopping, clothes and pillow-fight details. Hmph.
     Also there's usually some spiritual or patriotic message from a side story, to add to the 'touching' factor(they're really buying those these days). I could choke up over how badly written these are. The sad demise of the genre of love stories, making it look soppy and cringe-worthy. Really, when you've seen beauty, it hurts to see layers of grime form. Mind you, again, these are the 'bestsellers' that I'm talking about. Am I being 'aantel' like the Bengalis call it? Probably. Now I'm rambling.
     Getting back, while the definition of good writing depends on the reader, I can only elucidate my opinions. So, make your writing simple. Simple, but not poor or bare. Add color with humor, cliches are acceptable if not overdone, dont overload your sentence(I'm overloading right now aren't i?). Bogus humor attempt right there. Most importantly, 'don't play by the rules'(a cliche if there ever was one). But at least I've got this line to defend myself. Every language grants a huge degree of freedom.Your style is your own.


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