Monday, 17 August 2015

Starfucks (2:09)

Starfucks (2:09)

I ought to be writing 

About bleeding hearts and wars
About slander and suicide
About vengeance and crooked lives
Of housewives and politicians

About religion and monopoly
About death and drug abuse
About desires and dishonorable cravings
Of saints and serial killers.

But not today

Today I just cannot bring myself to
Purge my mind of these thoughts of you.
Disown my love for cynical twists,
Indulge in rhyming and sweet unrest.
Learn of the army of butterflies in force
Churning in my stomach, singing out hoarse

Today I am madly, completely yours. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I know love is a beautiful thing
Yet I am desensitized
Your eyes have the warmest brown in them
I like your attention and the clutter of your room
But I'd rather stay drunk and write pitiful verses
Than fall into this love of you.

I know love is a disgusting thing
Yet I am mesmerized
Your claws don't spare my bleeding heart
I have bills to pay and our meetings are overdue
But I'd rather stay drunk and write pathetic verses
Than fall out of this love of you.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Stupid girls in love (An average poem)

There is this moment
Of the horrific epiphany
That my poems will never
Do you justice.

I am from the clumsy experiments
Of traffic and skyscrapers.

You are all that is glorious
From long perfected scriptures.

There is this moment
Of the horrific epiphany
That my eyes will never
Meet yours

I am from the lowly grasslands
Of drought and devotion.

You are the richest elixir
From the lushest rain-forest.

There is this moment
Of the horrific epiphany
That my love will never
Surpass her shadow.

I am from those anonymous notes
The ones she tore and laughed about

You are the wobble in my knees
But she is perched on yours.

I am only a stupid girl in love.