Wednesday, 23 October 2013

If only we knew.

If Only We Knew

How loud is silence?
As loud as the thump of a plump toad
On the sickeningly moist forest floor.
As loud as the thunder in your eyes
Between kisses that we thirsted for before.

How bright is darkness?
As bright as the night of the crescent moon
Grinning vainly, against the indiscernible blue.
As bright as the sweet sweat glistening on your
Neck, smiling, as I turn around to face you.

How shallow is depth?
As shallow as this singed mountain lake, with
The embers of dead fish floating steadily to the shores.
As shallow as your words when we lay blissfully on
The covers, soaking in the laughter of yesterday's desires.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Nobody Home

Nobody Home

Friday night, smoky skies

Distant stars wane.
Cigarette butts strewn 
On the balcony floor send
Signals to them in vain.
Nobody, nobody home.

Saturday morning, cozy and bright.

The closet door falls ajar.
Unkempt dresses hang down
From scores of blue steel hangers
Which clink to say 'here we are'
But nobody, nobody home.

Monday afternoon, crackles of sun

The postman rings twice
To be sure. The electric blue
Bee, buzzes and withdraws. Strands of hair
Criss-cross with stands of sunlight
While the silken shroud billows...

..Under morbidly red rose petals, that she'd hoped would mourn.
Because the clouds were still white, and there was nobody, nobody home.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Narcissists 101

Narcissists 101

The tired camera snaps again, trying to grab that brittle smile.
One more, for luck.
Like this? Hands on the hips, or sparkly pouting lips?

No, I look fat in this one, and this just wont do. 
Maybe after a subtle(drastic) edit or two.
A side profile, holding that tequila on the rocks,
Throw that head back courting scandal, welcome the gawks. 

Mirror (mirroring me) ,on my wall.
Aw, do you know how perfectly your eyelashes curl?
Of course you do.
When you curve your lips to a Mona Lisa, that pricey outfit 
Clinging on, utterly painted, complete with ostentatious hairdo.

I'm only 'being myself'.
So you're saying you are free?
I don't care about the 'likes', i don't even check. 
Not once. Hmph.
Aren't they pulling the strings?
You're just jealous, woman.
Indeed, I am.
Minimalist and true.
Screw society.
Well, she does it always, why shouldn't I?
That smile I know is blistering with doubt and reproach.

Seriously love, don't you go judging me.
I know, I've seen you do it too.
Its only natural.
Awkward clorting.

And here's a picture of me being narcissistic.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013



You do, some nights, the way He did

Burn me, until my toes curl in delight
Titillate me, pinned against the wall
I laugh against your coarse, unyielding lips.

Then you say, dies, ernst, your eyebrows in untamed knots,
I wrote this, for you. Sie.

Then we lift off, to the angriest, most mutilated piece of sky
I am reluctant, beseeching, finally powerless, against the giant whirlpool.

Then comes the climax, the layers of ecstasy
Fall against me, violently cascaded, like the
Leaves of adjacent trees who are secretly lovers.

When its over, you kiss my scarlet fingernails
Faintly satisfied, from hours of your frivolous, hedonistic patterns.

Notes, voluptuous notes.

Now I can walk away.

You may have made me dance and frozen me, darling.
But He took my hand and set me free.