Saturday, 7 September 2013

Pen pals, smudged ink

Pen Pals, smudged ink.

After you leave, it pours all night, I cant sleep.
My roof gave in to the frantic knocks of thunder.
And all the sky does is weep.

I remember, that on my rickety table, lies that thick white envelope, faded to yellow, letters silently spilling from it.

A few hours earlier, i'd have waded through this rain 
Slapping my floor, ankle deep, icy cold. 
To save that memento of our solemn courtship.
Seas of words, each ending with 'Love, forever'.
Mine tiny and blue, yours black and bold.

Instead, i turn over and think
Of words that peak, on the night of the high tide,
and then fall sharply.
So forgettable.

In the morning I find, blue and black blotted to form
Meaningless, disfigured words.