Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rage and revere

I am
The mediocre, non-awaited newsletter
Flapping foolishly in gilded cages
Curfews and hemlines to guard
A honor that never was.

I am
The presumed freeloader
Fumbling with technology
Rebel if I ride a dirt bike
Whore if i smile too wide
Plastic if I wear makeup
Ugly if I refuse to
Bad if I did fit in your cliches
Worse if I did not.

I am
The bird with the tethered wings who
Flew the airplanes you pointed at.
The one you asked to swallow
Not knowing she could bite too.

I am
The last pillar standing
Bathed in graceful smoke
Loving if I cure your fever
Stoic if I do your laundry
Leader if I sweep the stage
Dancer if I ran in sneakers
Beautiful if I broke all your cliches
Indestructible if I
Establish some of my own.