Monday, 9 November 2015

The AfterLove.

When you came to me
The horizon was closing like giant bloody lips.
The world was orderly and neat
With post-its and traffic lights and fluffed cushions.

 You know exactly how taken aback I was

Then as the story goes
My mad crush erupted as the universe pulled over
Sex and laughter and tears mingled
You even saw through my skin like it were translucent

 You know how exactly that worked out for us.

I know I should tell you more often how
I have fallen in love with you, over just the idea of you.
I could plot you against every point on my abscissa
I could reach for you like my comfort shirt.

He wonders why I am not
Jittery with adulation
It is just that I am just tenderly
Accustomed to him.