Monday, 10 June 2013

Requiem for the World

Requiem for the World

The world is over.
And now there is you and there is me.
We have time, till the end of time.

To sit with our legs dipped in this wasted river.
All the way to the bed, gliding over the smooth pebbles
Feel the tingle of this black water, stare at the ripples
Undaunted. Free from a world in which we were the only rebels.

Dust crawls on every inch of it now, golden and roasted
From the embers of the tired, dying sun.
The stars have faded too, so stealthily that we never felt
Their absence until the darkness descended when there were none.

Talk to me now, there is still time.

These shallow oceans have lost their luster, walk with
Me, on the dry flaky sand that is slowly engulfing them.
Their bleak beauty still enchants you, I know, these vast expanses
Of barren earth, with mounds of grey debris crowing them.

We reach the auburn forests, where the severed trees have weaved into a maze of thorns.

If you lose your way in this maze so heartbreakingly beautiful
I shall write you verses and inscribe them on these stones.
But if you fly too far and burst into a million bits
I will gather your remains and bring you back home.

Stay with me now, before the end of time.
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