Sunday, 2 June 2013

Outside my comfort zone

Outside my comfort zone

I'm stepping barefoot on soft gooey mud
And letting my toes taste the chocolate.
I'm eating ice cream straight out of the carton
Standing by a mossy rain soaked parapet.

I'm using a bookmark and repairing the broken spines
And flicking these books with a fluffy feather brush
I'm using words like rendezvous( even spelling 
them right), while writing piles of mush.

I'm reading articles of note, on hoity-toity
Papers of art, commerce and science.
I'm swirling bottles of paint and leaving imprints
On white paper, rather than the walls in defiance.

I'm talking about the government and smiling less
At beautiful strangers on the road
I'm learning how to fold clothes and walk ladylike
And comb my hair and to do as I'm told.

(Also, I'm writing this poem)

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