Monday, 17 June 2013

And then I died.

And then I died

I sought the comfort of your eyes 
Desperately, only to catch them petrified.
I watched those lights swimming in brown go out 
Abruptly, one by one. And then I died.

You bought me paper roses, who's bland 
Crimson I did not fancy and brusquely shoved aside.
Then the lights switched to green and I heard the
Faintest rustle of those lifeless flowers. And then I died.

You laid your hand on mine while everything outside 
Drowned in pools of chaos. Tentatively I turned to my side 
As needles of blinding gold pricked through my half-shut eyes and
Your fingers clenched, interlocked with mine. And then I died.

You said we'd always be together, and I never wanted to be
Woken from our personal, cliched trance. Terrified,
You cried out my name, covering me in vain as the brakes 
Screeched and the evening sky cracked. And then I died.

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