Saturday, 13 April 2013

Descending into gloom- part 1

Descending into gloom- Part 1

Its been a rough day.

The travails of my body and the unrest of my mind,
Trying to grab this flimsy moonbeam in my calloused hand.
Am I the timid sheep left behind in this endless grassland
Of thirsty sly lions, unarmed?

 Alone in a pitch dark room I awake, back arched
Tied against a thorny wall adorned with streaks
Of innocent blood of the fallen. Again I try in mild surprise
To prise open the rusty restrains that render me useless, weak.
That cruel flicker of the brightest light, teases and burns
My famished eyes, that cannot decide if it is but my blind prayer
Answered with slow upheaval, or just a desperate illusion.

In the vast sea of flawless sunflowers, I have struggled to bloom,
I have remained that hurt and confused sapling that the sun forgot to touch.

This ledge I now tiptoe on, my river flows by on one side.
My river flows carrying windswept hair, my tales of romance, laughter spawned eyes.
On the other side lies the barren new world whose wails I can no longer ignore
With a heavy heart I must step off my ledge, my back turned to my river in wordless goodbye.