Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Baking : the sheer joys of batter licking.

  Let's be honest, most of us, all of us, live to eat. Even my most determined girlfriends, swearing on a papayas-only diet, you take a look at that fluffy,gorgeous brownie, that silky fondant adorning it, and you have to have it. BROWNIE COME BACK HERE. There. I think I've made my point. Cake spreads the lurrve like nothing else. Stick around pi-r-cube during lunch and you'll see half a dozen groups of big and small people, screaming orgasmically and throwing cake onto each others faces, hair, nostrils, you get the picture.( I am strongly against this. Happy Birthday to you. Got any cake left? Some of us like to eat it too).
So why wait for birthdays for a bite of paradise? Here I give you fun new hobby : Baking.
You will need : An oven. Or your neighbor's oven. No can do without that. Sorry.
                       A couple of hours(for most recipes). C'mon, you're not tha-at busy.
                       The will to get off your butt and move around.
Once you've got that oven, you need a recipe. If you're holding that stirrer for the first time, I strongly recommend you don't attempt the 8 layered upside down cake you watched on Masterchef. A simple sponge-cake tastes great too.Call up that aunt you've always avoided, for her recipe. Or maybe just Google.
Once you've picked something mouthwatering enough (and doable) walk to supermarket (Yes, walk. You're going to be stuffing that cake down your throat in a few hours). Gather your supplies, and its time to get your hands dirty.  Now I wont pretend to be a proficient baker here and give out sophisticated advice, but stir, stir and stir. No lumps. That's the secret to a good cake. As simple as that. Pre-heat your oven and get your cake in. And the best past, the remains of the batter on your mixing bowl, go ahead, taste it. You made that. Tastes even better now doesn't it? And your cake is baking away and that aroma is swimming around you and you're drowning, drowning in the glory of your produce. Sigh. Bliss. Warning : Take care not to burn the cake while you're in dreamland.
 So don't be lazy, don't wait for someone to come knocking at your door with a pretty basket of cupcakes (lovely as that would be, such things seldom happen). Lets see(and taste) some of your brownies, cookies, maybe cheesecakes too. Boys don't be shy, we all know you've got that baking talent too, and just so you know, the ladies love that *wink wink*.
 Here's to a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year and to the start of something beautiful.
Eggless sponge cake by yours truly
Creation of my friend Nandini, she's almost professional

Wednesday, 18 December 2013



I know you aren't real
But I'll put on my new purple scarf
(I've told everyone its a gift from you)
And trail these large footprints
Still fresh on last night's snow

And I know this snow isn't real
(It doesn't snow in the tropics, does it?)
But I don't need to wear gloves to save 
My half-blue fingers because soon you'll
Hold my hands and we'll kiss

As the fireworks tumble across the horizon
(They aren't real, but you know that)
Like in all those movies we watched,
But didnt, and then criticized.
And your scent is teasing my hair like 
The prelude to an invisible snowstorm

And I know your scent isn't real
(Am I the predator darling, or are you?) 
Ha, you think I'm still oblivious.
This sheet of fog I'm running through,
Don't let it clear yet, let the cold shred me 
To smaller bits tonight, so i can diffuse into
This breathtaking lie
That is you.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013



Don't sit shuddering by that damp, wasted fireplace
Strike some stones together and burn your ache.

Don't take orders from that green nailed witch.
There is no glory to your bloody tears, punch her on the face.

The world is wider than the square picture on your wall.
You are stronger than your dainty fingers and silken hair.

Don't just spend your nights singing songs for the doe-eyed prince
He could take too long, or could turn out to be a blithering idiot.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair?