Friday, 31 August 2012

Chocolate, cheese and chalk

Just a thought( a rather long one). Dedicated to hours of pre-lunch hunger in college.

I have been lazy and bored. And very very hungry. There's a woman before us droning about a boiler (I think) and I find it so apt to fit a full fledged fantasy into this dull hour. Sifting through the likely topics, a chocolate and cheese paradise beckons and i sink my teeth in all too readily. Love at the first bite. Sounds like something out of the menu of one of those cheesy cafes where lovers find solace in the afternoons. But this is going to be cheesy, its about cheese as well.
    There, I have your attention, everyone does love chocolate and cheese ( not necessarily together), don't deny it. If I said 'gourd and eggplants' instead, no one would look twice except to cringe away. Let me tell you a sad tale, I have terrible teeth. So terrible, that when I was 9, I had to get this root canal done on my premolar. The dentists were in shock, I was like a never seen before case. Anyway, I did endure 12 sittings and nasty looks from the receptionist at my regular haunt, the dentist's. I'm terrified of dentists. Almost as much as lizards. Well I'm not terrified of lizards, I just find them disgusting, with those scales and beady black eyes and sticky pink tongues. Why am I talking about them anyway? The boiler woman has beady black eyes. I bring my eyes down as she gives me one of her infamous dirty looks. So getting back to chocolate, it was evidently one of my first loves, root canal and all. Not that I particularly enjoyed brushing my teeth either. With my stomach going haywire and the sound of chalk scratching the board, I immediately come up with a couple of lame lines about darling chocolate and they're playing in my head at once, something like this:
   Silky, molten svelte or hot,
   Fragrant, crispy, smooth or taut,
   Bittersweet you caress my lips,
   Have me licking my lips.

   On rainy afternoons when the ache sets in; so
   stealthily to the refrigerator I tip toe,
   The craving builds up in sweet prospect,
   As I sink my teeth in a bar of chocolate.

I feel extremely silly and stop at once to concentrate on my rumbling stomach. Thats when someone opens their lunch box and the aroma of cheese hits my nostrils. Cheese. I want cheese. You know that smell when you tear a slice of piping hot pizza loaded with cheese? That blessed feeling as you sniff and the bite off a piece and relish slowly. Those happy moments. I look ahead trying to focus, boiler beady eyes is wearing a sari exactly the color of cheese. She's got to be doing this on purpose. I really don't like her. Dirty look again, its mutual. I think of the cube of cheese I devoured with my breakfast toast. Wish I could go back in time. Or forward. BB throws a piece of chalk at this guy who's dozing off on the first bench. I dunno why teachers do this, do they think its intimidating? Finally I hear it, the bell. The bell. For lunch. I'm off. Hope you have a cheesy chocolatey lunch too. 
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