Tuesday, 1 October 2013



You do, some nights, the way He did

Burn me, until my toes curl in delight
Titillate me, pinned against the wall
I laugh against your coarse, unyielding lips.

Then you say, dies, ernst, your eyebrows in untamed knots,
I wrote this, for you. Sie.

Then we lift off, to the angriest, most mutilated piece of sky
I am reluctant, beseeching, finally powerless, against the giant whirlpool.

Then comes the climax, the layers of ecstasy
Fall against me, violently cascaded, like the
Leaves of adjacent trees who are secretly lovers.

When its over, you kiss my scarlet fingernails
Faintly satisfied, from hours of your frivolous, hedonistic patterns.

Notes, voluptuous notes.

Now I can walk away.

You may have made me dance and frozen me, darling.
But He took my hand and set me free.

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