Friday, 11 October 2013

Narcissists 101

Narcissists 101

The tired camera snaps again, trying to grab that brittle smile.
One more, for luck.
Like this? Hands on the hips, or sparkly pouting lips?

No, I look fat in this one, and this just wont do. 
Maybe after a subtle(drastic) edit or two.
A side profile, holding that tequila on the rocks,
Throw that head back courting scandal, welcome the gawks. 

Mirror (mirroring me) ,on my wall.
Aw, do you know how perfectly your eyelashes curl?
Of course you do.
When you curve your lips to a Mona Lisa, that pricey outfit 
Clinging on, utterly painted, complete with ostentatious hairdo.

I'm only 'being myself'.
So you're saying you are free?
I don't care about the 'likes', i don't even check. 
Not once. Hmph.
Aren't they pulling the strings?
You're just jealous, woman.
Indeed, I am.
Minimalist and true.
Screw society.
Well, she does it always, why shouldn't I?
That smile I know is blistering with doubt and reproach.

Seriously love, don't you go judging me.
I know, I've seen you do it too.
Its only natural.
Awkward clorting.

And here's a picture of me being narcissistic.

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