Monday, 19 August 2013

Cliched Cliches

Cliched Cliches

Our eyes found each other's from across a
Smoke strewn road, and our lips curved into 
Dopey smiles that carried through the day.

Frenzied text messages
Dozen missed calls at
Two in the morning.

We fell in love and then in lust.
French kisses didn't last long enough
Stolen behind classrooms doors.

Umbrellas stay tucked away
Grey skies turn bountiful blue.
I sing as I paint my nails meticulously.

Open my favorite book, to stroke
Your name signed on the flyleaf
Right there, beside your love.

Now we have a song,we claim its 'ours'
Names doodled on notebook corners
Hearts included, can we get any more 'aww'?

Here I am, Writing these disheveled verses,
Wrapped up in your sticky chocolate arms.
Don't think them too grotesque or oh, too cheesy.
You cant deny, my darling, that as these cliches
Are ever so 

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