Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A moment of fury

A moment of fury

I am so angry, that the turbulence
Circling my head has progressed into ruthless waves.
It aches when they break the helpless shore 
into spineless caves.

Colors and crooked lines
float in righteous incongruity.
Dust trembles and settles in
rows, disorderly.
Those voices that volley back and forth
In ugly frequencies, 
Are they in my head?
Am I trapped in them?
Or are those two, the same?

Windows shatter, the ceiling cracks open
Trees drop dead in resigned unison.
I drive my knives into those who ought to atone.
The milliseconds drag into an overwhelming, fleeting moment.
Curtains unfurl and the yellow light floods the floor.
I'm covered in stabs, and the anger, its gone, gone.

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