Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Unrequited and Grey.

Unrequited and Grey

I fell in love with a dark haired man,
His pale arms hung down like whipped cream,
Or so i thought; As i gazed, dopey-eyed,at his form
Silhouetted beside my window open, to shield
The dewdrops and butterflies, and seductive
Lonely spirits during
Their vast voyages, seeking redemption. Then I was paper white, 
It scared me when he stood there, serene and icy, never
Never,close enough. Then he smiled at me, melancholy
And on rainy nights i fed off his stories, about dark, faraway rivers
And playing soldier. Sometimes he sang to me,as I marveled at the 
Perfect almonds of his eyes,

We never held hands and he never bought me flowers.
We never made love on top of the sheets, nor did I cook him dinner.
My love notes were delivered too late, his never arrived.
He never said he loved me, I think he did, I never asked.

I fell in love with the ghost of a dark haired man;
And the world turned grey at the crack of dawn.

An unfinished painting hangs neglected on my easel;
A painting in two colors, Black and White.
Even when they met in the corners, there was grey,
There could only be grey.

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