Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The 24th main shopping mall.

The 24th main shopping mall.

chaos breaks out in an orderly fashion
shooting anchors to grip the corners
of the spotless walls of the 24th main
shopping mall.
bewildered bejeweled hearts stroll leisurely
taking in the 'scenery' and scent of the posh
perfumes, and mannequins wearing their poker faces
lined up against the wall.

We waltz in through the polished double doors.
Famished and Lost
Bored and Loaded
Excited and Lonely
Broke and Love-struck
sunny saturday afternoon darkens through the
fancy french windows and the canned air
wafts out of steel slits while lifeless music
floats tentatively
fingers brush over rows of clothes while
they say 'haute conture', not knowing how to.
plastic smiles flock around in inelastic troupes,
almost vivaciously
we cast envious glances at one another,
imagining we would be happier with
manicured fingernails and six-inch stilettos. 

We come, we see, we covet.

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