Thursday, 13 December 2012

He said, she said


Beside the shadow of the graceful willow tree
With its slender branches draped in ample finery
Of a soft glowing green, like the eyes of an ogre from a nightmare;
Lay the well formed shadows of him and her.

A shadowy hand drew forward to stroke her flowing shadow of hair,
Their voices in incoherent unison, rose in great vacant swivels
Of her quivering rant, clogged with many tears;
His tone grew intense as the elegant sieve of green and gold drew patterns on his shadow so clear.

Above these estranged shadows, tapping the branch with her twig-thin legs in a dance-like motion
She shivered slightly under her feathery wings in sweet anticipation.
He approached her from the melting horizon, windswept from his smooth flight,
Rushing to her side to greet her, she tittered and twirled in sheer delight.

Back down, the shadows had drifted apart, by far more than just a few feet
Heads of shadow weighed down with pain, eyes brimming with hurt, refusing to meet.
And then, at once, he said, she said, their stoical goodbyes ,wary and cold.
She turned, he turned, and the shadows, like love, had faded, the dark brown turned to gold.

Resting on the boughs, blissful in their cage of sun and shadow
The reunited lovebirds made merry, adorning the meadow;
Where a love went wrong, while above, other lovers caressed;
Only the trees and the silence shall bear witness.
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