Friday, 16 November 2012

Endeavors of a moth


Ask me, for I have seen the pallor of the blossoms
Clamoring for the first rays of gold.
They explode in joy, emanating a creamy glow
Whispering to me as I behold:
"Come, warm your frosty back before
 she sinks into her abode behind the mountain"
I smile as  I remind them that i have wings 
to follow her to my heart's content.

Listen, I have never failed to miss, 
the sly songbird composing her melody.
The breeze sets in, humming a joyous baritone
She twirls around in glee.
The leaves begin their dance
Elegant in the soft light of dawn.
They acknowledge me with graceful
Curtseys, which I return and fly on.

On to feast my eyes on the lush splendor of my mountain.

Follow me, for I have scaled great heights,
to see the dew glittering on the grass.
Thick bushels of leaves in the purest green, speckled with
Liberal amounts of rich brown wave to me as I pass.
The heady breath of glossy shrubs wafts through to me in welcome.
The spindle like trees sway, and the whisked sky peeps
With clouds like great bursts of foam.

Now we have reached the summit.

I have left all haste behind, lost all my inhibitions.
Perched on my favorite branch I listen to the sleepy gurgles of the river.
Darkness envelops my world, chilly as the sun was warm
My wings flutter with every quiver;
From the slender leaves' questions and the lonely fern's replies.
I look up to be blinded by the infinite stars adorning my piece of sky.

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