Saturday, 4 January 2014

Songs of sad folks (everything is broken)

Songs of sad folks (everything is broken)

She writes with a broken nib
Every curvaceous word breaks twice before it ends.
While the broken legs squirm
Under the weight of the broken glass tabletop which pretends

Otherwise, just like the broken door 
That she locks every night, ceremoniously, hiding the key 
Inside the hideous broken vase with 
Its long-wilted flowers, that heirloom of a broken family.

He drives a swanky new car
With a broken stereo set, and every lyric breaks twice
Before overcoming the erratic waves
And gliding past the streets broken from jagged malice

That somersaults its way down
His narrow driveway littered with broken whisky bottles
From the last night's new year's party
And fits snugly into the symmetric cracks on his broken walls.

One day at daybreak, they will meet
Under the broken billboard, walking gingerly and vexed
Around the fringes of the broken earth,
Unromantic and sullen, hoping, hoping to be fixed.

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