Wednesday, 18 December 2013



I know you aren't real
But I'll put on my new purple scarf
(I've told everyone its a gift from you)
And trail these large footprints
Still fresh on last night's snow

And I know this snow isn't real
(It doesn't snow in the tropics, does it?)
But I don't need to wear gloves to save 
My half-blue fingers because soon you'll
Hold my hands and we'll kiss

As the fireworks tumble across the horizon
(They aren't real, but you know that)
Like in all those movies we watched,
But didnt, and then criticized.
And your scent is teasing my hair like 
The prelude to an invisible snowstorm

And I know your scent isn't real
(Am I the predator darling, or are you?) 
Ha, you think I'm still oblivious.
This sheet of fog I'm running through,
Don't let it clear yet, let the cold shred me 
To smaller bits tonight, so i can diffuse into
This breathtaking lie
That is you.

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