Sunday, 10 November 2013



Its only just past midnight,

I could seduce you now (of course I could)
I just cant decide how.

I'm hazy( even with my one track mind)
From the roots of my hair to my stiff toes,
Is stern but excitable
Like the edge of a raised whip.

I could be forward, cheeky,
Stride up to you like the secretary in glasses,
From those cheap erotic novellas, selling on footpaths;
And just eat out your face (There. Sigh).
Or do I have to measure out big words
And write you a fancy poem
To tell You what I need?

Or I could sit back, and play your
Innocent, aloof princess, tucking hair behind her ear,
Like in those Oh-so-phony music videos, that always make me 
Cringe and splutter and change the channel. 
And have you come to me, and eat out my face (sigh).
Or do I have to look up the big words I've learnt,
And write you a fancy poem
To tell You what I need?

These clumsy words, that drool down my tongue
These traces of kohl, dragged under my eyes
Are all I have, to tell You what I need.

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