Thursday, 17 January 2013

Winter Blossoms and Summer Snow

Didnt work, this time its a love poem.

        Winter Blossoms and Summer Snow

Remember that first winter, you cleared the fog
With a swirl of your heady breath;
To catch a glimpse of me running into you, with a smattering 
Of snow on your hair, that day we first met.

You teased, I laughed, like an absurd love song,
We sailed in our congealed cloud of whispered cries.
The heavy winter sky, saturated with sweat;
Rained down on our sparkling panels of ice.

On which we danced and tossed promises of heaven;
In each other's outstretched palms.
The flowers were shriveled, so you crafted blossoms of snow;
For my lonely hair, and I had no qualms.

And the music played vibrant but soothing, a kaleidoscope of symphonies.

It is summer now, and the molten snow has seeped
Into the parched ground on which we stand rooted.
The sieve of vigorous sunshine adorns the hint of a wrinkle on your face.
Again we dance, on our crumbly, brown ice, barefooted.

And scented snowflakes, made of petals, tap delicately on my 
Shoulders, settling on their favorite haunt : your hair.
The pale angry sky softens to grey, steadily raining down
Mingling with the kisses of our perpetual affair.
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