Friday, 8 February 2013

Of Rain And Reunion.

Of Rain And Reunion

Like the still on every porch of a deserted town 
That was lost in battle.
Like the flutters of the shriveled sand in a desert
Where the wind once rattled.

Frozen lay the leaves, the hint of a shiver 
Running down their weakened spines in anticipation.
Inky skies tease them with their billows of hair of clouds
Which murmur in appreciation.

By her window she sits, dazed from the picturesque
Memories that keep her alive.
Clammy hands knot together and salty water glistens
On the lackluster roses that once thrived;

In the intricate spring of their love.
Hopes and fresh moisture.

And then, rain.

The immaculate, crystalline orbs rush down,
Expelled from the sky by giant catapults.
Gratefully, they kiss their beloved leaves and
Embrace their long lost strands of grass, and build;
Up a melody so beautiful as they shatter, on
Old brick walls, forests and fragile ferns;
They mingle with the tears of unhappy lovers and;
Dance across the upturned faces of the happy ones.

And there he stands resplendent,
Silhouetted against the endless voids of night.
In sweet frenzy, barefoot she runs, from chaos into the perfection of his arms,
Over the trot of the rain he whispers against her delight;
Of the promises he had made, as the final remains of raindrops
Shimmered on their faces and on petals of forgotten flowers.
That he'd return when the leaves would reunite with the rain that they clamor for
On the fateful night of the year's first showers.

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